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Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)

Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)


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Tea Garden Trails in Kangra Valley

To get soaked in the serenity of India’s smallest Tea region, one must surely visit the tea garden trails, situated in the lush green valley of Kangra.

Spread over acres of land, the tea gardens are a heavenly sight to behold. The produce of the tea gardens are popularly known as Kangra Tea.

Along with the traditional kangra tea, a variety of teas are produced, including masala chai, green, black, white, oolong tea and kashmiri kahwa.

Kangra green tea is known to be one of the best in India, and has also been found to contain the highest antioxidant levels of all green teas produced in India.

As one walks past the narrow lanes of the misty ‘chai bagans’. It not only makes you love chai more but also gives you a deep understanding of its origin.

Besides the outrageous Dhauladhar you would be awestruck by the brush of the crisp himalayan breeze.


In house tent camping

D’Polo club and spa resort offers its potential customers to escape from the city hustle bustle; away from the eyes of scary animals and enjoy the starry sky in the campus itself.

The most important part of camping is the tent. The terrace view of The Dhauladhar from the hotel with a tent and the perfect lighting layout can be a pinch of spice added to your little adventure.

Sit around a campfire, add some fun activity and enjoy your favourite meals with it.
One can have the luxury of enjoying the hotel food and diving in the fantasy of camping.

Pick a game for your indoor fun and activities to go along with it.


Himalayan safari

All you need is destination, not the magic to disappear. Your call to nature can be answered shortly, get spellbound to begin life’s new adventure, tread across the freezing torrents, feel the integrity like never before, celebrate the captivating beauty of The Dhauladhar and enjoy life to the fullest.

Behold the days are coming to fill your life with the adventure of waterways because to stay the course you need to follow the waves.

The adventure of Himalayan Safari will make you fall in love with the curves, the mountains, the landscapes and delightful waterfalls on your way when you least expect it to be.

The amusement of ridding off-hill and amidst the water gives you chills down your spine, that you might duly cherish.

#Water is the driving source of all nature; take time to do what the soul loves !


Lake tours

Flanked with lush greenery and shielded by the luscious forest of the deodar, The Dal Lake is the most befallen spot for local sightseeing in dharamshala.

The calm and still greenish water of the lake presents an appealing tranquility of nature.

Relax your soul and make peace with your mind by staying close to the serenity of the lake. It’s not the time wasted, it’s the time well spent.

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake. Grab your partner’s hands, or go for a solo walk all the way through the brink; do not jump off for swimming.

The highest source of adventure can be the available boat riding facility or fishing by the lake with special permissions.
“Always there will be the exhilaration of the summits.”


Zip Line

One of the best adventure sports to pick in Dharamshala is zip line.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone; shred your laziness, use your strength and jump on for the zip-line adventure.

Zip lining is one of the prime adrenaline rushes on earth.Nothing beats the feeling of stepping off the ledge, into thin air, flying down a zip line at extreme speeds.

The astonishing view of the snowy Dhauladhar makes the sport more memorable. The seduction of ziplining is that the sombre spark of nature gets stuck with you and the refreshing aura of Dharamshala craves you to come back to enjoy the thrill of adventure.

The mystic land of Dharamshala carries profound serenity, offering visitors refreshing and soothing vibes all along.


4 Noticeable Benefits of an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding

If you have begun planning your perfect wedding, then you have likely already noticed that there are a plethora of options available to you and they all have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

That is no less true when considering a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort.

While many of the advantages might be situational based on your exact needs and wants for your ceremony, the top three benefits of an all-inclusive destination wedding are pretty universal and they are: cost, customization, and convenience.


The fact that cost is a primary benefit of an all-inclusive destination wedding is a little bit counter intuitive. For some people, the idea of going to an all-inclusive resort at all sounds like it wouldn’t be financially feasible, let alone hosting their wedding at one.

However, the fact that the resorts truly are all-inclusive is a major benefit that helps keep costs low and can keep your total wedding costs tight as compared to an average traditional wedding ceremony that can usually have no upper limit cost.

When you think about it, it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Some of the highest costs associated with most weddings are the venue, food, drinks, and entertainment.

When you have your destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort, all of that is included for free except for at some resorts their may be a fee for the venue depending on exactly where you choose to have your ceremony.

With all of those costs already included simply by having your wedding at the resort, the overall costs are able to be kept extremely low. For many couples, the ability to have a dream wedding for less than one third of their expected costs is reason enough to choose a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort.


Despite the fact that the costs of a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort can be kept very low, that doesn’t mean that you will be shoehorned into some kind of “one size fits all” ceremony.

As was mentioned earlier when speaking of the potential additional costs of securing the venue for the ceremony there are occasionally some extra costs even at an all-inclusive resort; however, there are multiple options available to the couple that are able to curtail these costs if budget is a concern.

Beyond that, most resorts are able to work with you in order to ensure that your ceremony fits your exact style. From seating and altar arrangements, to flowers and decorations, to food and drink options, the resort will be able to work with you to create the ceremony and reception that perfectly fits your style.

Most brides have a picture of their ideal ceremony in their head. Just like the process of picking the perfect wedding gown to make sure all the details are correct, the process of planning every detail of the wedding ceremony can be very difficult and time consuming. When working with a planner and an all-inclusive resort, that process is vastly simplified and they are able to put together an event that matches the exact desires of the bride and groom.


If the benefits of lower costs and a high level of customization weren’t enough to convince you that a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort was a great option for your ceremony, you should also consider the convenience of this option.

Planning a wedding is a difficult task for many brides and grooms with a lot of details to juggle and line up correctly. By deciding to have a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort, you can skip a lot of that trouble.

Having everything built into a single package eliminates the need to get price quotes and do research on caterers, bartenders, musicians, florists, DJs, and officiants. The resort has all of those aspects of the wedding covered already.

Additionally, if you are working with a dedicated planner, the number of details you are personally responsible for drops nearly to zero. Just state your desires and book your tickets and let the planner and the resort handle the rest of the details.

When the day for your ceremony finally arrives, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day not worrying about paying multiple bills to multiple service providers and wondering if everyone will arrive to complete their jobs on time for everything to happen as it is supposed to.

You can relax and be stress free in a beautiful vacation resort while all the details are handled by a unified team of trained professionals.

Additionally, a hidden convenience of having a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is the fact that guest lists are generally smaller due to the guests being required to pay for their own transportation and accommodations.

What that means for the bride and groom is less time (and money) spent on invitations, phone calls, and figuring out seating arrangements. It may seem like a relatively small detail, but that alone can make the choice worth it for some couples.

As mentioned at the beginning, for those of you that are already in the stages of planning a wedding, you likely fully understand the advantages of choosing a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort.

So many of the things about wedding planning that are points of stress or are very expensive are covered by choosing to host your event at a resort instead of having a traditional wedding in India.

If finances are a primary concern for you, this style of wedding has multiple answers to help you stay within your budget. If having the exact wedding ceremony that you envision is the most important aspect of the day, the all-inclusive resort has the staff and training on hand to ensure that the ceremony exceeds your expectations.

And finally, if your chief concern is being able to get to and through your wedding ceremony with as little stress as possible, then this type of wedding is the perfect choice for you.


Out-door camping

Hey, sorry I didn’t pick up my phone because I was busy. Busy in a world that needs no buffering. Wander often and wonder less to explore the goodness of life in the woods.

Rushing between work and home at a reckless pace we often tend to forget about the great outdoors ! We forget about camping adventures !

Settle your tent, grab your basic amenities and pick your treasured spot, away from the hustle and amidst the nature.

Nature energises and centres one’s soul and camping is the best way of getting a big prolonged dose of the outdoorsy good stuff.

The best part is that at Dharamshala you can have the luxury of breathtaking views and the best Himachali food.

This is the prime time to disconnect from your former work conscious life and relax with a book or simply lay there gazing at the landscapes and daydreaming.

Don’t get obsessed with checking emails or writing witty instagram posts; reconnect with your soul; surround yourself with positivity and let the rest pass away !


Paragliding in Dharamshala

The non-negotiable dream of flying in the sky just like birds is as old as human existence.

The adventure sport Paragliding, gives a “Tathastu” to this dream.

The sport is usually considered to be risky but with expertise, safety and professionals; you can always give it a shot !

Push on your adrenaline rush with breathtaking views of dharamshala and don’t just limit yourself to the lush green lands.

Feel free like a bird to seek new horizons of thrill and adventure amidst the lowly hills and beautiful valley.

To experience the breathtaking view of The Dhauladhar, Tea garden trails and dazzling beauty of Dharamshala, it is the perfect kind of sport you can adhere to.



Dharamshala has always been a spot for trekkers to appreciate the sport in the past, present and will always be in the future.

Thrill seekers flock here every year to experience the audacious treks and migrate into the other world of hikers.

You can explore and investigate different sites of trekking in Dharamshala; Triund, Kareri and Bir-Billing being the most famous ones.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction, to wander where the wifi is weak and the connection is strong. Be ready to get high on nature and experience the most thrilling adventure of chilling in the mighty mountains and in the serene beauty of The Dhauladhar.

Pack your bags, collect your stuff, gather your chuddy buddies and roll over in full swing.

P.S. Disconnect to Connect


Here’s to undying bonds and unwavering friendships

Here’s to undying bonds and unwavering friendships with Ballantines India at D’Polo Club and Spa Resort, the best hotel in Dharamshala

#Ballantines #StayTrue #HappyFriendshipDay #FriendshipDay