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Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)

Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)



Out-door camping

Hey, sorry I didn’t pick up my phone because I was busy. Busy in a world that needs no buffering. Wander often and wonder less to explore the goodness of life in the woods.

Rushing between work and home at a reckless pace we often tend to forget about the great outdoors ! We forget about camping adventures !

Settle your tent, grab your basic amenities and pick your treasured spot, away from the hustle and amidst the nature.

Nature energises and centres one’s soul and camping is the best way of getting a big prolonged dose of the outdoorsy good stuff.

The best part is that at Dharamshala you can have the luxury of breathtaking views and the best Himachali food.

This is the prime time to disconnect from your former work conscious life and relax with a book or simply lay there gazing at the landscapes and daydreaming.

Don’t get obsessed with checking emails or writing witty instagram posts; reconnect with your soul; surround yourself with positivity and let the rest pass away !

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