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Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)

Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)



Paragliding in Dharamshala

The non-negotiable dream of flying in the sky just like birds is as old as human existence.

The adventure sport Paragliding, gives a “Tathastu” to this dream.

The sport is usually considered to be risky but with expertise, safety and professionals; you can always give it a shot !

Push on your adrenaline rush with breathtaking views of dharamshala and don’t just limit yourself to the lush green lands.

Feel free like a bird to seek new horizons of thrill and adventure amidst the lowly hills and beautiful valley.

To experience the breathtaking view of The Dhauladhar, Tea garden trails and dazzling beauty of Dharamshala, it is the perfect kind of sport you can adhere to.

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