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Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)

Sheela chowk, Airport Road, (HP)




Dharamshala has always been a spot for trekkers to appreciate the sport in the past, present and will always be in the future.

Thrill seekers flock here every year to experience the audacious treks and migrate into the other world of hikers.

You can explore and investigate different sites of trekking in Dharamshala; Triund, Kareri and Bir-Billing being the most famous ones.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction, to wander where the wifi is weak and the connection is strong. Be ready to get high on nature and experience the most thrilling adventure of chilling in the mighty mountains and in the serene beauty of The Dhauladhar.

Pack your bags, collect your stuff, gather your chuddy buddies and roll over in full swing.

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